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Om Shanti Om

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The Storyline

Om Shanti Om is a story set in the 1970's about an underdog Om Prakash Makhija whose wish is to become a hero in Bollywood. He is an admirer of film star Shanti Priya(played by Deepika Padukone). Unfortunately Shanti is involved with the vindictive Mukesh Mehra (played by Arjun Rampal) and is then murdered, along with Om. Om is reincarnated in the present into the body of Bollywood star Om Kapoor. Soon he begins to piece together his past and attempts to avenge Shanti.

The Cast

Shahrukh Khan Deepika PadukoneShreyas TalpadeKirron KherArjun RampalYuvika Choudhary

Awards & Nominations

Farah Kahn Nominated for Asian Film Award
Won Best Composer & Nominated Best Actress (Deepika Padukone)

Genre: Drama / Romance Rating: PG13
Formats: Blu-ray & DVD Run Time: 166 Minutes

Om Shanti Om Member Reviews

4.5 Stars Average Rating

Netflix Member Reviews
4 Stars Review Robin S.
Fabulous music! A little over the top. but hey, it's Bollywood! And Shah Rukh Kahn is fabulous--he's right on the cusp of laughing at the whole wonderful filmi thing, but giving a great serious performance. Funny and touching too. And, surprise, the good guy wins (gee, hope I didn't give anything away;-) LOVED IT!!!! shree yantra! Long live Bollywood!!!

5 Stars Review Susan T.
As long as you can handle reading captions and watching film for 168 minutes, this movie is worth your time. At first the humor is bizaare. You might wonder if there will be a story, but your patience will pay off. Each detail acted out in the slapstick portion builds a case for the serious, suspenseful parts of the story. Sit back and be entertained by the colorful Bollywood overkill and then allow yourself to be pulled into the heart wrenching drama.

5 Stars Review ADELE Y.
I really enjoyed the special features. All the Bollywood musicals are great. I learned more about sri yantra. I loved it!!! All the actors were HOT!!!!!! I want more movies like this.

4.5 Stars Review Chamel S.
This is my first bollywood movie and i am glad I saw it! It was very funny and entertaining. I actually saw it in the theatre on a whim and fell in love. The characters were very animated and cute. The dancing was very interesting. If your looking to open up your horizons and explore a different type of musical, definetly try this movie.

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