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The Storyline

Narayan Shankar is the principle of one the top Universities in India, he believes in hard work and has no time for day dreamers or love...Three new students instantly fall in love with women around the University campus. Shankar then hires a new music teacher Raj Aryan Malhotra; a man of music who vows to bring love and happiness into the University and so the two men collide with their values, soon it is revealed that Malhotra was once a former student, who was in love with Shankar's daughter.

The Cast

Amitabh BachchanShahrukh KhanAishwariya RaiPreeti JhangianiKim Sharma

Awards & Nominations

Filmfare AwardInternational Indian Film Academy a Hindi Movie Awards Ceremony
Filmfare: Best Performance, Best Supporting Actor
IIFA: Best Story, Best Custome Design

Genre: Drama / Romance Rating: PG13
Formats: Blu-ray & DVD Run Time: 216 Minutes

Mohabbatein Member Reviews

5 Stars Rating for Chak De India! Average Rating

Blockbuster Online Member Reviews
5 Stars Review Faisal M.
Mohabbatein is a classic hindi bollywood movie probably the biggest film when it was released. With an excellent soundtrack and a star studded cast, this movie was a welcome releif when it was released. An extremely romantic drama, it has all essentials of a classic hindi movie.

5 Stars Review Paresh B.
This hindi film was really phenomenal. Seeing two talented actors like Amitah Bachan and Shahrukh work side by side was mind blowing. I wish them both success in all their future endeavours. The new actors as well were well casted and may their future be always bright. The story reminds us that love is all powerful and with it we can overcome the most difficult of situations. The hindi music was also fantastic. I consider it one of my favorite bollywood movies of all time.

5 Stars Review Patel R.
A hindi film which truly captures the essence of poetic justice, the acting of both Shah Ruhk and Amitabh was, as usual, superb...and the irony of the "passing on" of tradition which is found in the movie, can be applied in reality, with the passing on of Amitabh to the new star of today Shah Ruhk...the supporting cast can be somewhat annoying at times, but the great story line carried them through it...and I can't forget to mention Aishwaya Rai, who as always, looks perfect. On top of all this the hindi film's songs went along perfectly... a definite bollywood classic... the music and songs reminded me of kishore kumar.

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