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Dhoom 2

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The Storyline

High speed chases, extraordinary camera-work, wizardry technical effects, and sensuous bombshells - the thrilling "sub-genre" of adrenaline rush has to come to Bollywood with a bang! Hosting a cast of not-so impressive stars, the high-speed motorbikes sweep you off your seat. This is true Hollywood-style thrill. Mishcievious zoom-ins of scantily clad heroines add to the testosterone flavor of this film. A fantastic musical score with fast-paced beats spice things up even more. This is one of Bollywood's best action productions!

The Cast

Abhishek BachchanJohn AbrahamUday ChopraRimi SenEsha Deol

Awards & Nominations

Filmfare AwardInternational Indian Film Academy
Filmfare: Best Actor, Best Supporting Actor
IIFA: Best Story, Best Music

Genre: Action / Thriller Rating: PG13
Formats: Blu-ray & DVD Run Time: 129 Minutes

Dhoom 2 Member Reviews

5 Stars Rating for Chak De India! Average Rating

Netflix Member Reviews
5 Stars Review Manuja
The film starts with a bang, and ends with one.I was really impressed by the fast paced nature of this film.It was like watching "The Fast & The Furious. It's not the most realistic movie I have seen, but I believe the objective was not realism but entertainment,& when it comes to entertainment, Dhoom really delivers. A very exciting hindi film.

5 Stars Review Paresh B.
All in all, this movie is a 10 for euphoria! Highly recommend it to anyone who loves action, or even comedy, because this movie has both in spades. It's the fine balance between the two that has made Dhoom this successful, and having some sexy beautiful people and damn fine looking bikes don't hurt! Can't wait for the sequel! Like I said, euphoria! The hindi songs are great too!

5 Stars Review Raja B.
Brilliant movie - one of the best Indian movies of 2004. Action packed with many laughs. Rimi Sen and Esha Deol add some extra spice to the film however i feel they could of had much more on-screen action. Abishek and Uday had a brilliant mix and supported each other well in the film. John Abraham again, what a performance. It isn't the typical Hindi movie with 7 or 8 songs every 20 minutes. Very few songs which i think integrated into the plot. The hindi film songs brings memories of kishore kumar and Help keep the atmosphere moving. Brilliant directing and a film thats off-the-hook. If you liked movies such as Oceans Eleven and The Italian job, this is A must see film! A hindi movie for all to enjoy.

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