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Chak De India

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The Storyline

The story is of the Indian women hockey team which, because of its poor performance and lack of sponsors, is unable to find a good coach. Kabir Khan (Shahrukh Khan) a former national hockey team player steps in to take the responsibility of the new coach. Kabir Khan takes the Indian women hockey team to a new hight and regains his lost dignity. The plot of the movie is linear and predictable without any twist or surprises, in fact it is quality of direction and acting by Shahrukh khan which sucks you in the movie and does not let you get bored. Music of the movie is great including the title song which is quite inspirational.

The Cast

Shahrukh KhanVidya MalvadeSagarika GhatgeChitrashi RawatShilpa ShuklaAnaitha Nair

Awards & Nominations

Filmfare Award
Won Best Action (Robert Miller)
Won Best Actor (Shahrukh Khan)

Genre: Drama / Romance Rating: PG13
Formats: Blu-ray & DVD Run Time: 166 Minutes

Chak De India Member Reviews

5 Stars Rating for Chak De India! Average Rating

Netflix Member Reviews
5 Stars Review Meghana V.
I never liked Shahrukh Khan before this movie. This is one of the best hindi movies ever. Atlast someone stood up for India's national game which was going to the dogs. Great acting by everyone including Shahrukh. Now he can say he did something that Amithabh Bacchan never did- promote a game through the most admired media form: MOVIE.

5 Stars Review Preeti R.
Best Movie of 2007! We have seen a lot of underdog sports movies over the years which have been inspirational,cinematic and realistic...chak de India follows the realistic genre..... the film is very predictable in most parts but what makes the film memorable is the performance of the actors, screenplay, direction and also the background score...

5 Stars Review Rajesh P.
Bollywood finally Manages to Pull out a Wonderful Sports Movie and After some upsets, Yash Raj Production comes with a brilliant film (Though they have nothing to do with it, except the money).. Real stars are indeed the hockey players, SRK and the director Shimit Amin.

The things that stands out for me are.. the Team. Talented actresses gathered from all over the country have done a wonderful job. Acting was top class. Shahrukh Khan played a character that suits his age and does seriously well. Hockey sequences are great and do give a feel of an international tournament. A nice blend of funny and amazingly inspiring dialogs adds to the brilliance.

Anyways, Chakde India is not just a brave attempt. It goes beyond that tag. It's a wonderful and a courageous attempt. A movie that manages to match the brilliance of Jo Jeeta Wahi Sikander. Makes me want to look up pvt ltd india in Yellow pages india.

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