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Aamir (2008) DVD

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The Storyline

Aamir tells the story of Dr. Aamir Ali (Rajeev) who is coming home to Mumbai from London, due to a Parliament bill passed in UK, prohibiting immigrant doctors from practicing medicine. Outside the airport he is suddenly drawn into a web of terrorism, where a mystery man, who interacts with him on phone, is keeping his family hostage to make sure Aamir does what he says. From there Aamir goes on a journey from fast moving life in Mumbai city to the stinking slums occupied by goons and gareeb. The mystery man keeps him busy on phone, giving him instructions, at times going on a debate on how today's Islamic youth ignores the importance of Jihad. Finally Aamir realizes what his mission is, but is he too late to make a judgment call? Watch Aamir to learn the rest.


Rajeev Khandelwal

Awards & Nominations

Filmfare Award

Genre: Thriller / Drama Rating: PG13
Formats: Blu-ray & DVD Run Time: 95 Minutes

Aamir Movie Member Reviews

5 Stars Rating for Punjabi Average Rating

Netflix Member Reviews
5 Stars Review Rahul
How often we come across a movie which forces us to see inside our-self even before we start criticizing others. Aamir Ali does this in the knock-out style. Brilliant Acting, awesome camera work, tight script, haunting background, extreme locations (even i would not dare to go in daylight) and message for all.

5 Stars Review Swati Y.
I don't have enough words to express my feelings about this movie. Never before in Hindi cinema, anyone has made such a thriller (without introducing any ghosts).

Brilliant direction, story, camera work, background music is far beyond expectation, special credit goes to director for choosing such real life locations during shooting. No rush of characters, no additional drama..... Overall, it is simply a masterpiece.

5 Stars Review V Ransing
Just when you think the Indian cinema is repeating its non-sense routine crap all the time, a very refreshing movie pops up to highlight the excellence in bollywood. The Aamir film is one of the best action movies I have seen from Bollywood.

5 Stars Review Veer Zaara
I must say this was the best movie i have seen so far in this year. Forget about mega-budget,star studded block busters. This movie has all it beats. It tells the reality of India. How criminals work and Crime is handled. Absolutely truth captured. Kudos to director for such a concepts. I say watch it not just once but often. Movie like this changes the societies. Movies like this changes young minds. Superb effort. Humanity. God created Humans who created HUMANITY.

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